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Each job is as unique as the person booking it therefore all costs are tailored to the clients individual circumstances, we can where we will however give you an indicative cost but this will be subject to understanding the full brief and where required a site survey.

Once we confirmed we understand your requirements and carried out a site survey, you will receive a quote and a schedule can be agreed.

Any aerial photography or filming is subject to weather conditions. If it is deemed unsafe to fly then an alternative date will be organised. The drone pilot will have the final say on the safety of any flight.

At the point of booking we will require a 50% deposit. As a small business we would then ask you to ensure that final payment is made 14 days from the completion of the work/invoice date.

Full Terms & Conditions of Service are available upon request.

All images are automatically the copyright of David Street Photography, unless we agree separately as part of a separate agreement.

Copyright, in the case of photographs or video, means David Street has full rights to protect the use of the image he has created, and you must be aware that, it is an offence under Copyright Law for anyone else to copy, or reproduce the image without David Street’s authorisation.

To utilise any photo or video taken by David Street Photography you must:

Obtaining the written permission of David Street.
Agreeing to pay any reproduction David Street Photography may ask.
Accepting any other conditions David Street Photography may apply to the use of the image.
Every image on our site, and any photograph or video taken by David Street whether marked or not, are copyright to David Street Photography.
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