The world of photography like most things changes almost daily.

New technology and devices come to market, as technology improves it falls in cost. Think back only 10 years ago, you might have had a phone with a camera but, the quality of those pictures could sometimes not be that great. Today the camera we have on our phones is amazing, lets us capture the world in all its glory. For that reason it’s important to try and stay one step ahead, make sure that not only do we have access to some of the best technology but, more importantly make sure that we utilise what we do have to it’s full potential.

With that in mind this Easter David continued with his training, his learning and his qualifications. Having undertaken a couple of years ago his A2CofC qualification to enable him to utilise drones to capture images David took his GVC (General Visual Line of sight Certificate) exams on Good Friday.

Having passed these exams David is now able to offer his existing and future customers a whole new way of engaging with their customers. Through utilising different drone types, you can use drone photography and filming to convey an important message, to inspire and engage your customers in a unique way.

The GVC qualification, gives customers that extra assurance that the services they receive are to the highest standard both in terms of planning and out put. If you’re thinking about your next big marketing campaign then lets have a chat, lets look at how you could use drone photography or film to captivate your customers and engage with your call to action.

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