The end of June, half way through the year. The nights will soon start to draw in, the sunrise a little later and the opportunity to capture the world in a different light will be here again.

This summer I took a number of steps to be able to look at offering something new, both new for me but also new for those people who want to work with me.

I took my first wedding shoot this summer, it’s something that I have always tried to shy away from. The pressure of brides and grooms wanting, understandably, their big day capturing to remember, to look back on is something that I have until now kept well away from.

The city of Hull and surrounding areas has such a wide range of photographers available and, has some of the best wedding photographers you’ll find in the country. Some of these photographers have been shooting for years, have an awesome collection in their portfolios and deservedly get a high number of recommendations. So why would I throw my hat in the ring? Well, because I was asked to. I had a request to come do the wedding photography for a wonderful couple, they knew that it wasn’t my ‘normal’ area of photography, they knew that it wasn’t an area even had a huge amount of specific experience in.

Having now completed my first ‘proper’ wedding photography shoot, I’m happy to admit that I really enjoyed it. To see the smiles on peoples faces as they enjoy the day, the laughter, the tears, the excitement…. I’m hooked!

So, over the coming weeks I’ll be working on my portfolio and building the section of the website that focuses on offering wedding photography. Thus making me the newest wedding photographer in Hull.